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« on: August 02, 2014, 10:25:22 pm »

This document has been created to strengthen the already strong friendship between the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) and the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations (CSN). With respect and admiration, the aforementioned parties do, by virtue of this document, stand together in mutual defence.

Article I- Sovereignty

Both signatories formally recognize the right of the other signatory to exclusively exercise authority in all aspects of its own internal domain. No action may be taken to undermine the sovereignty of either alliance.

Article II- Peace

Both signatories hereby agree to peace as long as this treaty is in effect, Neither will attack the other whether it be directly, or in the form of aid (monetary or otherwise) to the enemy(s).

Article III- Defence

A) Both signatories are required upon signing of this document to provide military defence to each other, should either be attacked. However should the signatory who is being attacked ask the other to stand down, compliance with the request is mandatory.

B ) Upon request of the signatory under attack, the other must provide financial aid for military purchases and/or reconstruction. Both parties reserve the right to request financial aid even if military defence has not been requested.

C) In the event that the two signatories end up fighting on different sides of any given conflict, due to any other treaty activations, they both hereby agree to maintain a neutral stance toward one another for the duration of the conflict.

D) Should either signatory obtain intelligence that potentially impacts the security of the other, they are required to share the intelligence in a timely manner.

E) In the event that either signatory is brought into a conflict due to a third party activating a treaty, The other has the option of not entering the conflict.

Article IV- Optional Aggression

Neither signatory is required to join, or assist (whether it be with military, monetary, or otherwise) in a conflict which has been started by the other, unless they see fit.

Article V- Cancellation

Should either party feel that they need to withdraw from this agreement, a notice period of 72 hours is required, Withdrawal should be seen as a last resort and only when/if every other option of problem solving has been exhausted should it be considered. Upon cancellation of this document it will become void.

Signed for CSN

Liz, Head of State, Former worst MoFA ever, ZI club Member, Director of Raiding
SpacingOutMan, Deputy Head of State, Preacher of Liz, Defender of Beward, The Commonwealth's Right Hand, The Commonwealth's Blue Balls
Fenrir,Minister of Defense, Defender of logic, Director of Propaganda, the Iron Fist of the Commonwealth
Torchwood, Minister of the Interior, The Zort Warrior, The light in the darkness,
Machanidas, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Valdoroth, Director of Recruiting
Panhead369 Director of Education
Jd252, Director of Finance, Secret Preacher of Liz, The guy with numbers in his name

Signed for CRAP:

Chuck Normis - Triumvir/Founder of CRAP, aka G. Buttersnaps
Reine- High Ruler of Sumaria, Minister of Foreign Affairs, one CRAPpy biotch,
Champcardon, Chancellor of the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers
Cthulhu, Minister of Finance, Herald of Headaches
Raistandantilus - Triumvir, Pope, Keeper of Arcane Facts
HRH Jonathan Webb II - Minister of War/Defense - Beer Pong Table General, CRAP's very own Hugh Hefner
constapatedape - Triumvir, Fraternity Gentlemen, That Guy


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: