Author Topic: "Legitimate Businessmen" Agreement (ODP/PAIT With The Mafia)  (Read 5237 times)


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"Legitimate Businessmen" Agreement

In recognition of the friendship between The Mafia and Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) this Optional Defense Pact/ PAIT is Signed

Article I ~ Sovereignty and Non-Aggression

1. Both CRAP and The Mafia will remain sovereign alliances with their own governments
2. Both CRAP and The Mafia agree to treat each other as friends and not do anything that would harm the other in public channels of communication

Article II ~ Optional Defense

1. Both CRAP and The Mafia are encouraged but not required to defend
each other from aggressive attacks on the other
2. This does not include Offensive attacks by either signatory

Article III ~ Communication and Intelligence

1. Any Intelligence relevant to either CRAP or The Mafia will be shared through the correct channels in a speedy and timely manner
2. Both CRAP and The Mafia agree to keep open communication with the other through both embassies and IRC channels

Article IV ~ Aid and Trade

1. Both CRAP and The Mafia may request aid from the other party; this is optional but highly encouraged
2. Repayment of aid will be discussed by the alliance leaders or waived altogether
3. CRAP and The Mafia will agree to set up tech circles between the two alliances for the benefit of both parties

Article V ~ Cancellation

1. If either CRAP or The Mafia feels as this agreement is no longer beneficial they must give the other party a 48 hour warning period before cancellation
2. The treaty will remain in effect for the 48 hour period before cancellation

Signed For The Mafia

MoFA- Steels & Drizzt
MoE- Blckpnthr
MoR- Adamirrilen
MoF- Stoned

Signed For The Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

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constapatedape ~ Triumvir, Foreign Affairs Wiz Kid


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