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MDP With 57th Overlanders
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:06:43 pm »

57th Overlanders - Coalition of Royal Allied Power Mutual Defense Pact
AKA the "Oh. Yeah, just step around that. I think something must've been living in here." Treaty


Let it be known that on this day the alliances known as the 57th Overlanders (the 57th) and the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) come together to express and solidify their bonds of friendship in this Mutual Defence Pact.

Article I

Friendly fire isn't...

As the 57th and CRAP are willing to stand by each other in the face of an enemy onslaught it goes without saying that both parties agree to refrain from attacking, spying or insulting members of the other alliance. If any member does one of the above things or commits an act that is offensive to the other signatory then the alliance to which that nation belongs must take disciplinary action.

Article II

We don't let our buddies get shot...

If either signatory receives intelligence that in any way constitutes a threat to the other signatory then the information must be turned over to the other signatory's government immediately.

Article III

Sometimes we have to carry each other... we were probably out drinking the night before anyway...

If either nation requires aid for any reason they may ask the other signatory to provide it and they are obligated to provide the aid to the best of their ability or until the financial matter has been resolved. If the signatory that has been asked for aid cannot provide the full amount they must provide as much as they are able to.

Article IV

Treacherous folk out there... we shoot them if they shoot us, okay?

Under the terms of this treaty an attack upon one signatory is an attack upon the other and both alliances must defend each other from foreign aggressors. When one nation is attacked the other nation must provide military and financial aid to the nation being attacked as soon as is possible.

Article V

We don't like you anymore.

If either signatory violates one of the Articles of this treaty or acts in a way that is counter to the friendly intent of this treaty then this treaty shall be rendered immediately null and void. If either signatory wishes to cancel this agreement they must provide 72 (seventy two) hours notice to the other alliance's government.


Signed for the 57th Overlanders:

Mechanus - Captain
Veneke - Lieutenant
HollowEyes - Quartermaster

Signed for the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers:

Chuck Normis ~ Founder/Triumvir
Matthew Baer - Triumvir
Nathanius - Triumvir
Andy50 - Chancellor
WinstonChurchill - Minister of Foreign Affairs


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: