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« on: August 02, 2014, 10:04:21 pm »
PAIT Treaty


The Alliances of the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) and United under Scorn (US) agree to the following terms of non-aggression, intelligence and aid upon the signing of this document:

Article I
CRAP and US shall remain sovereign and independent of each other.

Article II
CRAP and US agree not to declare war upon the other, not to encourage any other nation or alliance to declare war on the other and not to allow the individual nations within each alliance to declare war or encourage others to declare war on the individual nations of the other alliance. By the signing of this pact, it is also agreed that disputes between CRAP and US or between the memberships in each alliance shall be resolved through diplomatic channels.

Section 1 of Article II
If any member nation of either CRAP or US declares war on a member of the other alliance for any reason, the nation must offer peace within 24 hours and pay reparations no less than one hundred percent (100%) of the damages caused by any attack(s). There may also be other consequences as agreed to between the leaders of CRAP and US. The victim (i.e. the nation that was attacked first) of such attack(s) shall not retaliate by military, tech raid or the use of spies for twenty four (24) hours following notification to their alliance of the war. The purpose of not returning the military attack or allow spies is to provide time for a diplomatic solution. If the defending nation or an alliance member responds to the attack in any of the above ways, all reparations will be void unless otherwise agreed between the leaders of both CRAP and US.

Section 2 of Article II
Member nations of both alliances may not offer foreign aid to the nations engaged in war during the 24 hour period.

Section 3 of Article II

Failure of the attacking nation to offer reparations for damages as outlined above will result in the nation being expelled from its alliance unless otherwise agreed between the leaders of each alliance. The leaders of each alliance shall take into account (but are not required to follow) the wishes of the nation attacked when determining any alternative consequence.

Section 4 of Article II
The use of nuclear weapons from one member of either alliance on the other voids this agreement immediately.

Section 5 of Article II
Neither alliance or their membership will make negative or otherwise provocative comments and/or actions regarding the other in any public fashion or attempt to recruit a nation from the others alliance into their own.

Article III
Neither alliance will engage in espionage against the other, allow any member nation to do the same or encourage any non-member nation to do the same. CRAP and US agree that should either receive information that indicates a breach of the other's security or a threat to the others welfare, then they shall notify the leadership of the other alliance through secure channels immediately.

Article IV
Should either CRAP or US takes any action against any other alliance or nation not signatory to this treaty, the other alliance is under no obligation to support or participate. However, both CRAP and US may send financial and/or military assistance to the other if requested in the case of war or for any other reason. This assistance will be considered free and clear of any future obligation unless otherwise agreed.

Article V
Neither alliance nor their membership shall aid any other nation or alliance that is currently at war with the other alliance or an individual nation within the alliance or has been declared an enemy of the alliance by the leadership of the alliance. It is the responsibility of the leadership of CRAP and US to keep the other informed regarding these specific nations and/or alliances.

Article VI
CRAP and US encourage tech deals to be established between the memberships of both alliances. Both agree that their members will treat those of the other alliance, when making these deals in a fair and professional manner. Any disputes, if they arise, shall be dealt with through diplomatic channels.

Article VII
Both CRAP and US agree that the leadership of either alliance may elect to revoke this treaty for any reason by giving 72 hours or more notice to the leadership of the other alliance. This may happen sooner if agreed between the leadership.

Definition of certain words:

The word "shall" as used above means that it is required. The word "may" as used above means that it is an option but not a requirement. The word "leadership" or "leader" refers to the rulers who sign this treaty or the person currently in the position that was held by one of the people who signed below.

Signed on behalf of CRAP:

Chuck Normis ~ Founder/Triumvir
Mathew Baer ~ Triumvir
Nathanius ~ Triumvir
Andy50 ~ Chancellor

Signed on behalf of US:

White Chocolate, US Co-founder & Ambassador Plenipotentiary


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: