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CRAP - BoS Protectorate Agreement
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:29:53 pm »
In recognition of the friendship between the Brotherhood of Sithis (henceforth known as BoS) and the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (henceforth known as CRAP) this Protectorate Declaration is signed:

Article I - Sovereignty

1. BoS and CRAP will remain sovereign alliances.

Article II - Defense

1. BoS is hereafter a protectorate of CRAP; any attack upon BoS will be considered an attack upon CRAP, and will be defended as such by members of CRAP.
2. CRAP is required upon signing of this document to provide military defense to BoS, should they be attacked.
3. Should CRAP enter a conflict due to other treaty obligations BoS is not required to defend CRAP, but has the option to defend CRAP if they are so willing.

Article III - Aggression

1. BoS is not required to join or assist (whether it be with military, monetary, or otherwise) in a conflict which has been started by CRAP, unless they see fit.
2. CRAP is required to join or assist (whether it be with military, monetary, or otherwise) in a conflict which has been started by BoS.

Article IV - Communication and Intelligence

1. Any Intelligence relevant to either CRAP or BoS will be shared through the correct channels in a speedy and timely manner.
2. Both CRAP and BoS agree to treat each other kindly in public and private channels.
3. Both CRAP and BoS agree to keep open communication with the other through both embassies and IRC channels.

Article V - Tech selling and Senate Voting

1. BoS shall give CRAP exclusive status when considering tech dealing. This status allows “first-dibs” on any tech deals with BoS.
2. Any BoS member on the Maroon team will vote for whomever CRAP is supporting for Maroon team Senate.

Article VI - Aid

1. BoS may ask CRAP financial assistance if it is needed. Both alliances will agree on a timetable to pay back the aid given by CRAP, unless it is waived.
2. Should BoS need help with nation building or war preparation, they may request access to any guides and resources CRAP has at its disposal, given they are kept private and used only by BoS members.

Article VII ~ Treaties

1. BoS are required to bring treaty drafts or any treaty plans to the attention of CRAP government at least one week (seven days) before signing.
2. BoS is strongly encouraged to consult with CRAP about any Foreign Affairs plans.

Article VIII ~ Merger

1. Should BoS feel it necessary to disband, the BoS membership will merge into CRAP.
2. CRAP will continue to protect the AA “Brotherhood of Sithis” until there are no longer any nations under that AA.

Article VIII ~ Cancellation and Upgrade

1. If either CRAP or BoS feel as though they are not buddies anymore they must give the other a 72 hour warning period before they cancel this treaty.
2. The treaty will remain in effect for the 72 hour period after cancellation.
3. Should BoS feel as though they no longer require protectorate status, this treaty may be upgraded.
Signed for Coalition of Royal Allied Powers:

~Chuck Normis - Triumvir/Founder of CRAP, aka Almighty Lord Buddha
~constapatedape, Triumvir of CRAP
~Raistandantilus - Triumvir, Pope (unretired), Breaker of Fasts
~Darthboy155, MoF, Master of the bills
~Champcardon, Chancellor of CRAP
~Lawno - MoIA - Token Aussie of the Internet

Signed for Brotherhood of Sithis:

Head Councilman - Zacharias
Councilman of the Interior - cgoverlord
Councilman of Economics - Nathan
Councilman of Defense - jimmykong


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: