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Are You Jealous Now?


This treaty is drafted in good faith and is based upon the ideas of respect, cooperation, and mutual growth and defense. Through Yggdrasil’s Roots and Coalition of Royal Allied Powers hereby set forth the following rules.

Article I – Peace

In the interest of friendly relations, a declaration war by a member of one alliance upon a member of the other alliance is prohibited. Should a state of war arise between two or more constituent members of the signatories, the leaders of both signatories shall strive to negotiate peace. If one of said combatants refuses to abide by the negotiated terms, he/she/it shall be penalised in a manner deemed appropriate by the leaders of both signatories

Members of both alliances have their hands tied to this act of friendship, and sending aid to a nation which is engaged in combat with an unfortunate member of the other alliance is prohibited. Exceptions can be discussed among the leaders of both alliances.

Article II – Intelligence

If one alliance receives information detailing a threat towards the other, they are obliged to inform the other alliance immediately.

Article III – Espionage

Spying on each other is unacceptable and certainly not in the interests of further friendship. If a spy is caught and sufficient evidence is shown, the guilty member will be punished by the alliance of which he or she is a member, as agreed upon by leaders of both alliances.

Article IV – Mutual Defense

In the event that one signatory is attacked by a third party, the attack will be considered an attack on both signatories.

In the event that one alliance enters a war through chains of treaties, that alliance may formally request military and/or financial assistance from the other alliance, but until then, the other alliance is not obliged to assist.

Both alliances shall avoid a situation that will cause the other come into conflict with current treaties or catch the other between Scylla and Charybdis. In the event that other treaty obligations force the signatories to be on opposing sides of a conflict, neither signatory will take arms against the other.

Article V – Cancellation

It is required that before this treaty is cancelled, the leaders of both alliances will discuss the reasons for the consideration of cancelling this treaty, and try to find a solution. If at the end of the discussion, both alliances are unhappy, this treaty will be null and void after twenty-four hours.

Coalition of Royal Allied Powers
~ Chuck Normis - Founder/Triumvir of CRAP, a.k.a. G. Buttersnaps
~constapateape - Triumvir, 30 Rack Master, Cheesehead, That Guy
~Raistandantilus - Triumvir, Pope, Defensor Linguae Anglicae
~Jonathan Webb II, Minister of War/Defense- Beer Pong Table  general, CRAP's very own Hugh Hefner.
~Reine, Minister of Foreign Affairs, The First Lady of CRAP
~Cthulhu, Minister of Finance, Herald of Headaches
~Champcardon, Chancellor of the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

Through Yggdrasil's Roots

~Thingvellir of Through Yggdrasil's Roots


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