Author Topic: A CRAP Business Decision (Protectorate/ODAP With The Mafia)  (Read 6048 times)


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A CRAP Business Decision (Protectorate/ODAP With The Mafia)
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:20:55 pm »

A CRAP Business Decision
In the interest of friendship, protection, and guidance The Mafia and the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) agree to the following Protectorate-ODAP agreement.

Article I: Sovereignty
It must be understood that all alliances remain sovereign and independent alliances. This treaty shall not infringe on the sovereignty of either signatory and shall only serve as a written testimony of current relations.

Article II: Durp
Members of the signatory alliances agree to coexist in a state of peace. Said alliances will under no circumstance engage in military actions against the other, nor shall either signatory alliance engage in acts of espionage against the other alliance, nor shall they knowingly render aid and/or intelligence to known enemies of the other. Both signatories will remain respectful towards each other at all times.

Article III. Protection and Defense:
The Mafia is henceforth a protectorate of CRAP. Any attack upon The Mafia will be considered an attack upon CRAP, and will be defended as such by members of CRAP.

Article IV. Optional “Stuff”
In the event that CRAP becomes engaged in a defensive war, The Mafia has the option to come to the defense of CRAP, but this course of action is not obligated. CRAP has the option of aiding The Mafia in an offensive war as long as the criteria stated in Article VI has been met.

Article V. Aid and Progress:
CRAP will aid The Mafia when able to help them grow as an alliance. CRAP assumes the responsibility for the success and growth of their protectorate and will offer all the necessary assistance and guidance that it can provide.

Article VI. War and Treaty Signing:
The Mafia agrees to alert CRAP if they have decided to engage in an offensive war towards another alliance within 48 hours of doing so. The Mafia will never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with CRAP leadership. The Mafia will also contact CRAP before signing any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them. The violation of this article is grounds for the termination of this treaty.

VII. Merging or Disbandment:
In the sad event that The Mafia decides they can no longer function as an alliance, they agree to contact CRAP leadership 48 hours before disbandment or merger actually takes place. Upon doing so, CRAP will discuss other possible courses of action that can be taken instead.

VIII. Termination and Modification:
Amendment or modification of this treaty shall require ratification by both governments as required by their individual constitutions. Violating any article of this treaty, but specifically Article II and Article VI are grounds for termination. If either alliance desires to end this agreement, they shall give the other 72 hours notice prior to ending the treaty, during which time it shall remain in full force. Should The Mafia feel they have outgrown the need for protection and assistance from CRAP, both signatories will discuss a possible upgrade.

For The Mafia:
The Don - Serberus
MoFA/MoIA - Carvell
MoW - Carden VonDraken
MoR - Bushido Generation

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