Author Topic: The DANCING MILK IS FOR EVERYONE Treaty (PAIT With The Fed/FALCON)  (Read 4952 times)


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Let it be recorded that the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) and the Federation (TheFed), joined in their common bonds of affection for gyrating containers of dairy consumables, and further entranced by the gleeful stare of the cartons, hereby make this pact of peace, aid and intelligence.

I. Sovereignty

1. Both CRAP and TheFed will remain sovereign entities.

II. Peace

1. Both CRAP and TheFed agree to not engage in military or spy operations against the other, whether aggressive or defensive in nature; an exception being if the action is caused by the activation of a treaty the member holds with another entity.

2. The members of each alliance agree to treat each other as friends and not slander each other in public.

III. Aid

1. Both parties agree to provide whatever financial, technological or military material aid requested by the other, to the best of their abilities, under the following guidelines:

A. Doing so would not violate any treaty held by either party.

B. One party is not currently engaged in war with an ally of the other party.

C. Providing aid would not require the aiding party to engage in direct military conflict with another entity.

2. Repayment of any aid will be negotiated between the leaders of CRAP and TheFed or waved altogether.

IV. Intelligence

1. Both CRAP and TheFed agree to share information gathered about each other, except when doing so violates the provisions of any other treaties held by either party.

2. Except when such an act violates any other treaty held, either CRAP or TheFed may request each others assistance in gathering or analyzing intelligence on a specific target or common enemy.

V. Cancelation

1. Should either CRAP or TheFed start feeling lactose intolerant and need to cancel this treaty a warning period of 72 hours must be given to the other alliance.

2. The treaty will remain in effect through the warning period.

Signed for The Federation: Champcardon of Rudostan, President of the Federation.

Senators voting in the affirmative: StylesJl, Tarman2010, MarkVanExel.

Senators voting in the negative: None.

Senators not voting: None.

Signed For The Coalition of Royal Allied Powers
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