Author Topic: Dammit You Stepped in The S*** Accords (MDP With CoIN)  (Read 4562 times)


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Dammit You Stepped in The S*** Accords (MDP With CoIN)
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:11:02 pm »

Dammit You Stepped in The S*** Accords


We the people of CRAP and CoIN in order to form a more perfect friendship, establish tech trading, insure intra alliance tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general piemaking, and secure the blessings of awesomeness to ourselves and our continued friendship, do ordain and establish this Mutual Defense Pact.

ARTICLE 1: Friendship

I. Members of each signatory are due to respect that any of your own alliance have earned, treat them accordingly. Should this fail to occur, the violation shall be addressed through the proper diplomatic channels in a respectful and proper manner.

II. Each alliance being sovereign from each other, shall remain so throughout the continuity of this agreement.

ARTICLE 2: Military & Aid

I. No member of a signatory shall attack, commit espionage against, nor aid the enemy of a member of the opposite signatory. Should a nation do so, they will be prosecuted in the judiciary of their signatory as if the action had been committed against a member of their own.

II. Any information that crosses a signatory that relates to another signatory shall be passed to that signatory through regular diplomatic channels.

III. Any act of aggression against a member of either signatory is considered a declaration of war on all signatories. All signatories further agree to provide whatever aid is necessary to support the other signatory, whether financial, military, or intelligence.

ARTICLE 3: Free and Fair Trade

I. Both signatories shall grant to each other the status of Favored Free Trade Partner. The nations of the signatories shall be encouraged to deal with one another during the arrangement of technology trades.

II. The Coalition of Independent Nations shall open is Tech Center to CRAP for purposes of posting for tech dealing.

III. In the event a nation taking part in a technology trade violates a contract or otherwise fails to comply with the terms agreed beforehand, the signatories shall make every effort to work together peacefully towards a solution. All trade deals shall be insured by the banks of the signatories, which shall be required to pay restitution to victims of broken contracts should other reasonable actions fail.

ARTICLE 4: Withdrawal

Should it be decided that this agreement no longer represent the interests of the signatories, the negating party shall notify the opposite and provide 72 hours notice of said cancellation. This agreement shall remain in effect during said 72 hour period.

Signed below:

For Coalition of Independent Nations:
Jerry Wagner - Triumvirate of CoIN: Foreign Affairs
Slicer845695 - Triumvirate of CoIN: War
Sulli90 - Triumvirate of CoIN: Finance

For Coalition of Royal Allied Powers:
Chuck Normis - Triumvir/Founder
constapatedape- Triumvir, Foreign Affairs Fiend,Writer of Treaties
Raistandantilus- Triumvir, Pope


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: