Author Topic: CRAPpy Yet Good Protectorate (Protectorate Agreement With Cat Land)  (Read 2994 times)


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CRAPpy yet good Protectorate.


The Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) and Cat Land (CL) recognize the awesomeness of Cat Land and Swat's need to be protected. That being said both enter into this Protectorate treaty.

Article I ~ Soverienity
1. CRAP and CL both remain soverien entities

Article II ~ Protection and the likes
1. CRAP agrees to protect CL in defensive wars, given a good reason.
2. CRAP agrees to help CL financially and militarily (and any other form of aid SWAT may think of, ie cat food)
3. Should CRAP need help in a defensive war, CL isnt obligated to take part or give aid , however it is suggested that they offer help

Article III ~ Vote or Die
1. In return for protection CL agrees to vote for CRAP's Maroon team senate bid

Article IV ~ FA's
1. CL is free to make other treaties provided that they keep CRAP in the know

Artcle V ~ Boring Random Stuff
1. If CL needs help aquiring tech deals or trade circles they can ask CRAP for assistance
2. If CL needs advise on a situation they may come to CRAP for advise

Article VI ~ Voding
1. If CL or CRAP feels that CL is eady to come out of their Litter Box this treaty will be canceled
2. The treaty will remain in effect for 48 hours after notification of termination

Signed for CRAP:
Chuck Normis ~ Founder/Triumvir
constapatedape[CRAP] ~ Triumvir

Signed for Cat Land:
SWAT128 ~ King Kitty


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: