Author Topic: A Very Crappy MDP (MDP With ACF)  (Read 1511 times)


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A Very Crappy MDP (MDP With ACF)
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:02:35 pm »
HOLY $4!7[SMOKES]! Another CRAP-alluding treaty?

Post Scriptum: After we’ve begun I would like to thank the following alliances for all the work they put into this treaty;
Phoenix Police Force (PhPF-ceased to exist)-Without them guys Krinkle/Tehol would probably have met BobTaco/Chuck Normis, or Matthewbaer.
Cool Rats and People/Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP)- They were only necessary so that this was actually a treaty and not an extra piece of legislation for ACF (LOL)
Total Liberation Front (ACF)- Necessary for the pure awesomeness provided. =]

Article IV- Miscellaneous (these ones aren’t as fun to put in “N” words =])

iii.---ANY digression from the terms results in immediate cancellation of it, unless both alliances agree that they can move on and forget about it.
ii.--- ANY information relating to the other alliance that a signatory stumbles upon, or is given, must and will be relayed to the other alliance.
i.----This treaty is in accordance with the ACF charter (particularly the article on treaties)

Article III- “N” Words (Nukes, Non-Aggression, Nullification, Nammendments)

v.--Teh Elves cannot attack any of CRAP’s friendlies, nor can CRAPpy fellows attack Elven friendlies. To make sure of this, all signatories will provide the other signatories with a list of their allies. Teh Elven one is here(Non-Aggression)
iv.--No Elf shall clean up CRAP, nor shall CRAP dirty an Elf(Non-aggression)
iii.--Nuclear weapons may only be used in retaliation(in defense of them), with consent from a MoW(or equivalent) or a member of the Triumvirate(or equivalent). The MoW or member of the Triumvirate must be in the alliance of the nation they are granting permission to use nuclear force.(Nukes)
ii.--To leave the treaty a signatory must provide 48 hours notice.(Nullification)
i.---Amendments to this treaty require a vote in favour from both CRAP and ACF, using whatever means their charter requires to reach this opinion.(Nammendments)

Article II-Once Activated

i.---Once activated, the attacked alliance must inform the other alliance of the treaty's activation.
ii.---Once informed, the informed must take their strongest military action against the attackers, for the attacked alliance(including use of in-game spies, but not spying as in posing as the enemy to gain intelligence).
iii.--If the informed alliance does not wish to partake in strong military actions, they may instead choose to aid the attacked signatories with money(to the best of their ability).
iv.--Soldiers or technology may be aided as a third option, but only if an agreement is made with the informed and the to be attacked.

Article I-Treaty Activation

This treaty may be activated with an attack upon a signatory. Any signatory may exercise their right to activate it upon their attack.

In response to long held but never sanctified friendships, this treaty is formed. HAIL CRAP! LONG LIVE ACF!


Captain Ian, High Council
Tehol, High Council
General Justin, High Council

CRAP Signatures:
Chuck Normis-Co-Founder/Leader
Matthew Baer-Leader

ALL MENTIONS OF Teh elves are references to TeLF, and alliance that merged with LAN to form ACF


Chuck Normis

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Minister of Recruitment: