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Nap With UMC
« on: August 02, 2014, 09:48:24 pm »
CRAP and UMC nations agree to the following terms of non-aggression, to further peace and good relations.

Article I
Both alliances remain sovereign and independent of each other, as do the members in each alliance. Due so by the signing of this pact, both parties state that they will not declare war upon the other. If any member of either alliance does so declare war, they must offer peace immediately, as well as reparations no less than one hundred percent (100%) of the damages caused by any attacks. Also the alliance of the aggressor may aid so long as the state of war exists. The victim of such attacks may not retaliate in any way for twenty-four hours following notification to their alliance of the war. This will be to allow time for diplomatic resolution. However, if the defending nation, or alliance member attacks, the reparations will hereby be void.

Article II
Member nations of either alliance may not offer foreign aid to nations engaged in war with the other alliance. Any nation that offers such aid must make arrangements for an offer of foreign aid to the other party, equal to 115% of the original aid to the enemy nation. This is to ensue that the other nation has an equal chance if aid is given.

Article III
Failure of the alliance/attacking nation to offer reparations for damages/equivalent aid, as outlined in Articles I and II, will result in immediate disciplinary action by that nation's alliance, with the primary punishment being expulsion within a twenty-four hour (24) time span.

Article IV
Neither alliance will engage in espionage against the other. Any member nation of either party discovered to be spying upon the other, whether through deceit, coercion, or other means, is required to be immediately expelled from their alliance. Should either party receive information that indicates a breach of the other's security, they must notify the other alliance through secure channels immediately.

Article V
Either alliance may elect to revoke this treaty at any time; in the circumstance, that the other must be notified within twenty-four (24) hours. Furthermore, failure of either party to comply with the terms of Articles III or IV may result in the immediate revocation of this treaty, at the other party's discretion. Should this treaty be so revoked by either alliance, a seventy-two hour grace period begins in which neither alliance may declare/threaten war on the other, after which no such rules apply.

Article VI
Should either party take any action, aggressive or defensive, against any alliance or nation not signatory to this treaty, the other party is under no obligation to support or participate, unless so required under other agreements.

Article VII
Neither alliance shall attack an alliance of which the other has a pact with if this does happen the alliance with the pact may break this without warning if peace is not immeditaly declared.

Signed for CRAP
Chuck Normis-Co-Founder/Leader

Signed for UMC
Callofduty LT General
Vine409 Major General
General.cj.82ndAA GOA


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