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Advice / Re: Remodeling an office/furnishing office
« on: August 01, 2016, 06:31:40 pm »
I want it to look modern and stylish, without that bullshit materialistic design stuff Windows 8/10 and Google is pushing. I hate it with a passion.

I don't understand that description at all. Care to provide an example of "materialistic design"?

Another example is the metro UI that windows 8/10 use.

I hate that stuff. If you used android 5.0 and 6.0 you would know this materialistic design thing going and I absolutely hate it with a passion.
Advice / Re: Remodeling an office/furnishing office
« on: July 27, 2016, 03:55:34 am »
The problem is, I don't honestly know what I want in the logo. I'm so creatively inept at that stuff.

I want something that says Olympus Gaming Solutions. I want it to look modern and stylish, without that bullshit materialistic design stuff Windows 8/10 and Google is pushing. I hate it with a passion.

But other than that, I have no fucking clue on what I want it to look like.
Advice / Re: Remodeling an office/furnishing office
« on: July 20, 2016, 02:37:10 am »
You hiring? I need a job...I have a degree in business admin (emphasis in Information Systems). I also have experience in graphic design if you need a logo.... lol  :cry:

As for office stuff, it depends. Strategically placed house plants could be nice. It also depends on the company culture you want. Some people want the workplace to be fun and some don't really care enough to address the workplace at all beyond functional necessities. Just make sure the colors of the walls and furniture isn't annoying/offensive. It affects people's mindset more than people realize. And in the quite room...a futon. Futons aren't appreciated enough. You obviously want the nicer things in the reception area and conference that is where the biggest impressions are made.

Glad to hear you are making strides in this endeavor!

Depends, If youre willing to move to missouri then we can talk about a job. If not then sorry :P though, i might end up hitting you up for a logo if a fair price is had. And honestly, I dont know what people with a business admin degree do. The role of Chief Technology officer has been taken. Could always use someone in finances! haha.

Yeah i thought about plants, but then knowing me i'd forget to water them and then they would die, I could get those fake plants but i think people would see that its obviously fake and we are trying to hard to look green.

As for everything else, I havent decided on much. I know the conference room is getting a projector, with a big table that could hold 10 people (9 if using the projector). The break room will have a full fridge/sink/microwave, you know the usual, plus 3 tempered glass tables with a satin nickle finish, the chairs are a black microfiber/suede thing, there will be a fully working old arcade machine with 30 games, plus a pinball machine. The quiet room will have a couple of big bookshelves filled with some decorations, old time leather bound books, and some "how to be a good employee" type books for the lulz, along with a couch with glass table, similar to the ones in the break room but its more the size and shape of a typical coffee table, and a couple of pod/chair type things. The offices, everyone except mine will have a L shaped corner desk, a small table and chair. plus whatever they decided to decorate their office with.

The office is going to be amazing, huge emphasis on security. To get into the server room you need a code plus a valid key card with the necessary security clearance, to open the server cage you need a finger print and again the necessary clearance, and to open the servers that do payment processing we are using a full fledged retinal scanner and key card. Security is number one to me. Very very few people will be able to get into the servers. Other than that, everything else security related is top secret.
Advice / Remodeling an office/furnishing office
« on: July 17, 2016, 03:13:52 am »
Let me post some backstory.

I'm starting a company called Olympus Gaming Solutions. We are a no frills/bullshit game hosting company. The difference between us and our competition is we don't name our internet "omg fast internet scam name" We also don't pay per playerslot (typically, we offer that for those who want that stuff) We offer stuff on per core and gigabyte of RAM they want. Not all game servers support more than 2 or 4 cores, so why pay for it like it does? That's what we aim to change. Many years ago I bought an old dell server because of the hosting bullshit. I realize this seems more as an advertisement at this point, but bare with me a bit.

Most hosting companies that start rent servers from other companies. That's a big no. Those are the people who want to make a buck then exit making huge sums of profit. No, I'm doing things right. This means building a datacenter. It won't be as large as you typically see on the internet. Only a souple server cabinets to start, but it gives us room for expansion. It makes sense, a warehouse property costs the same as commercial office building that would fit a couple server cabinets. However, the warehouse doesn't quite fit the company needs.

It's 5100 SQFT (squarefeet) with a roughly 700 squarefoot office/reception area. I'm going to expand this a bit, have two stories. downstairs will have break room and offices plus a bathroom and a station for troubleshooting servers. Upstairs will have a ocnference room, a room for future cubicals, a bathroom, small room for the office network, and a library/quiet room.

My delima is not designing the rooms, but what the hell to put in the office!? What kind of stuff do i need besides workstations and a desk!? That's why I'm asking for advice.
Don't worry about budgets either. I stuff i need, is functional and is cost effective for a business of my class.

P.S, should any of you think about investing or want to invest in my start up or have any questions relating to that, then please PM me and keep it out of the thread.
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